Hello fellow friends, customers and future ones too.  I wanted to tell you guys a background story of the owner, slash myself. I’m a 35 year old Hispanic Capricorn female. 

I was born in California. I have a teenager boy and a 2 year old boy (baby bri) making me a #BOYMOM. I recently got married and had my baby boy. When he was born he inspired me to do a second job, extra money for my family. I just seen how cute he was. I was like I have to use him as my model! For a few years now I wanted to come up with something to sell myself that can be national not just local so definitely this was it! The usual norm is girl boutiques left and right everywhere, so I started mainly to sell boys at the beginning. I have added girls too now. I launched online store November 1st 2020. Our name- Bebe stands for baby and bri is an abbreviated last name. I chose the rocker horse because my husband loves horses and owns two of them.

With perseverance and high desire to succeed slowly, but surely we are making it. I am positive, because I believe in our products and service.  Thank you for reading and browsing our website it means a lot to us, Bebebri Family



My parents, hubby and boys 
With my husband and oldest son